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The reasons for astral exploration are reasons of the heart. We have many loved ones with whom we can keep in touch astrally. Why do we seek to explore and develop in any reality? Because realities are useful, for the love we can share.

Sure, astral adventures can be wild and wacky and fun. It's great stuff to sample and enjoy if you can. But a comprehensive mapping of the astral realms by you or anyone else would not make much sense, would be delusionary, just as those 19th century explorers who pushed themselves to every frontier of the earth, from Everest to ice caps, only abused themselves to further their egos, and did little or nothing to invent the world that was truly needed next, the world of gentle attention to detail and appreciation for the infinite ecology of nature, into which the human harmony has always been invited.

When you travel astrally, the public accomplishments of technologies and forces take their appropriate back seats to the experiences that build personal relationships and wellness. Your humility grows as you realize that technologies beyond your comprehension have always been offered to every species, and that the powers of love are more real than you ever imagined. The cultures of wisdom are the cultures that seek to balance themselves within their surroundings and resources, so as to build their own traditions of respect and personal growth to qualify themselves as truly spiritual. Meet one angelic being in a reality-state of heightened awareness, become filled with their light and love, and see if your own priorities do not change themselves immensely and quite overnight.

Thanks to my understanding and practice and openness for astral research, I was able to keep in touch with my father in ways that go beyond the physical, during the time of the illness that led to his death. I was able to speak with authenticity and confidence to what it is like to exist outside of your body, and I was able to report experiences that boosted the faith and curiousity of my family and his friends. I dedicate this part of astralresearch.org to my father, who passed away one week after the concept came to me from a dream to start building this website. I think he needed it, and maybe I still do.

Please share with me the wonder and respect for some of the reasons why we visit the astral at all, that world between worlds.

Most Important Thing You Need To Know About Light Lamp

What is the meaning of life? Why do we exist? These are questions that have been asked since the beginning of human thought. Many philosophers have tackled the issue of God, but we are still far from a definitive answer. There is a sense of awe and amazement underlying in metaphysical investigations, as this is a very rich field for philosophical pondering and experimentation.

The search for meaning for our lives led us to the foundation of several religions and doctrines, all of them set to make us one with God, the divine, the universe, nature, or whatever name they use to encompass the unreachable, to try to understand the system of the world and its secret order.

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  • 29 March 2021
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The Galaxy from an Astronaut’s Point of View

The author is a fan of Reid Weisman, and they love his fantastic photos. The photo above is one of his own, and it shows our own Galaxy. The author notes that there are billions of stars in the photo, but only a thousand are visible. The author also notes the presence of the super giant star Antares and the planet Mars. The author reflects on how mankind has come so far in such a short amount of time, and how the photo is proof that we have the knowledge and resources to explore beyond the horizons.

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